SEE = Social, Economic, Environmental


Create Policies that foster Economic Growth & Stability for all Neighborhoods in Durham

  • Build strong, vibrant neighborhoods that provide a diverse mix of housing and business options
  • Support nontraditional and traditional entrepreneurship for access to living wage jobs
  • Use equity driven strategies that ensure existing residents can stay in the community as neighborhood markets revive and distressed neighborhoods stabilize
  • Create opportunities to save and build assets to increase community health and stability


Develop Land Use Policies that support Equitable Development & Environmental Justice

  • Small area growth land use planning used to drive public and private development both in housing and commercial markets
  • Supporting new development that meets the needs of residents, the business community and creates healthy community environments
  • Use transit-oriented development and smart growth strategies to support balanced growth across the city


Support Transportation Policies that ensure equitable access to housing around transportation hubs, ensuring access to transportation

  • Support current and future growth, along with housing options, for residents across the city to build land banks to preserve affordability
  • Create opportunities for development and planning with equity for all in mind


Assuring Community Health & Safety for all in every Durham community

  • Using an equity lens to address the disparity in the main determinants of health related to where you live, work, or play and the color of your skin
  • Implement tools to reduce environmental risk and build health-promoting neighborhoods to engage residents and stakeholders in accessing health care and healthy food




*Image:  camphPSSP - From the Margins to the Middle:  D.I.Y. Health Equity Kit